Your SSD or SSI Disability Hearing

Your SSD or SSI Disability Hearing

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SSD and SSI Attorney in the Tampa Bay area Discusses What to Expect at Your Disability Hearing

Attorney Fernando Narvaez

If you are considering an appeal of your recent denial of benefits, you may be curious about the disability hearing and what it will entail. Working with an experienced SSD and SSI attorney in the Tampa Bay area is one way to help ease the anxiety that often accompanies this stage of the application process – and significantly reduce your stress in the weeks leading up to your hearing. As your attorney will explain, the disability hearing is an opportunity for you to explain to the judge the true impact of your disability and will be much less formal than a traditional civil or criminal trial in a courtroom. As well, you may be able to bring witnesses who can testify as to your recent experiences and limitations incurred as a result of your injuries.

The Basics of the Administrative Law Hearing

The administrative law hearing will take place before a judge known as an administrative law judge. This judge will preside over the hearing and take testimony from a number of witnesses, including you and anyone else you choose to have to testify on your behalf. If your illness or injury is highly complex or presents technical medical issues, the ALJ may request testimony from a medical expert familiar with your particular issue. Likewise, your hearing may involve testimony from an occupational expert familiar with the requirements of your job position and able to better shed light on the probable impact of your alleged disability on your capacity to perform work tasks.

During the hearing, your attorney will pose a series of questions to you and all other witnesses, which you must answer truthfully and candidly. The judge may also pose several questions to you and several witnesses as well – often in an attempt to clarify an issue or better understand your assertions.

Once the hearing is concluded, the judge will review the evidence and testimony in order to issue his decision on the matter. The judge will first determine whether you are technically disabled under the current guidelines and regulations and, if so, the date of the onset of your disability.

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