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Tampa Bay Area Social Security Disability Attorney Discusses Social Security Benefits

Tampa Bay Area AttorneyThe Social Security Administration is tasked with handling millions of claims for benefits each year. Therefore, it is in your best interest to not only stay on top of your application, but to become fully informed as to the claims evaluation processes used by the SSA’s evaluators. Whether you are applying for disability or retirement benefits, there are certain criteria that govern each transaction, and a Tampa Bay area Social Security disability attorney can assist you in better understanding the process as a whole.

Social Security Retirement Benefits

At the age of 65, beneficiaries become eligible for penalty-free Social Security retirement benefits. The SSA also allows beneficiaries to elect benefits as early as 62, but will impose a penalty upon those who elect this option. Once a beneficiary is eligible, it is not terribly difficult to apply for benefits, although the application procedure may be complex for some. The SSA has upped the age of retirement to 67 for beneficiaries born in 1960 or later, and warns that by 2033 there will only be $.77 available for every $1.00 owed to Social Security beneficiaries.

Survivors’ Benefits

Survivors’ benefits are available for surviving spouses, children and (in some cases) parents of a beneficiary set to receive benefits through the SSA. In general, the SSA allows for survivors’ benefits for those families in which the wage earner earned the requisite number of credits annually. The SSA also maintains reduced credit requirements for a spouse-survivor still caring for the decedent’s minor children, allowing the survivors to receive much-needed financial assistance in their greatest time of need.

Disability Benefits

Disability benefits are available through the SSA for applicants who meet the requisite criteria for eligibility and are unable to work due to illness or injury. In general, an applicant must prove he or she is suffering from a condition that is likely to last longer than one year or is likely to result in death. In addition, the condition must be so severe that the applicant cannot continue at his or her current job, and could not perform the tasks of any prior job held over the past 15 years.

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