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Do I Qualify?

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Social Security Disability Attorney in The Tampa Bay Area Discusses Eligibility for Benefits

Attorney Fernando NarvaezThe Social Security Administration maintains a strict list of eligibility criteria for disability benefits. Therefore, it is highly advisable – if you are considering applying for benefits – to discuss your situation with a Social Security disability attorney in the Tampa Bay area to determine if your application is likely to succeed. In addition, a disability attorney can help you if you recently received a denial of benefits and would like to pursue your options for appeal.

Long-Term Medical Conditions

The SSA only offers disability benefits to those suffering from a long-term medical condition. This longevity requirement is a threshold eligibility factor and all applicants must be able to prove that their condition is likely to last longer than one year. The SSA may waive this longevity requirement if the medical condition is not necessarily likely to last longer than one year but is expected to result in the patient’s death (i.e., terminal illnesses). If you are facing a situation involving a termination illness, the SSA may be able to expedite your claim to help ensure your family receives the benefits it needs in a timely manner.

Severity Requirement

To qualify for disability benefits through the SSA, an applicant must also show that his or her condition meets the severity requirements set forth in the applicable guidelines and regulations. The SSA maintains a publication known as the Blue Book that sets forth certain severity standards with regard to virtually every imaginable illness. If the applicant’s condition meets or exceeds the severity standards, he is generally to be considered disabled. If his condition is not as severe as listed in the manual, he may still be approved if he can show that he is unable to work in any previous employment position held over the past 15 years. The SSA will also check to ensure the applicant could not perform similar work at another job for which he could be employable given his age, experience and education.

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