After a Favorable SSD or SSI Decision

After a Favorable SSD or SSI Decision

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Attorney Fernando Narvaez Describes What Happens After a Favorable Decision

Tampa Bay Area attorneyIf you have already endured the stress of an administrative law hearing, you may be very relieved to receive what’s known as a “favorable decision” from the administrative law judge. A favorable decision may be total or partial, and there may be conditions or back-pay applicable to your particular case. If you received a favorable decision, speaking with an SSD/SSI lawyer is often a good first step to take to better help you understand the contents of the letter, as well as whether you are entitled to additional payments missed as a result of the Social Security Administration’s wrongful initial denial of your claims.

Understanding the Onset Date

A favorable decision from the Social Security Administration means you have been deemed eligible under the regulations for disability payments. The amount of disability you will receive is dependent upon the amount you were earning prior to incurring a disabling condition, which will vary depending upon the nature of your employment. Regardless, the SSA must begin paying your benefits from your “onset date” forward – which may be a date well in the past, particularly if you have been battling for many months to obtain an approval.

If the administrative law judge issues a fully favorable decision on your case, your onset date will match the alleged onset date in your application (i.e., the date upon which you believe your disability began or you stopped working). A partially favorable acceptance is one in which the administrative law judge determines an onset date that is actually later than your alleged onset date. A partially favorable acceptance can also occur when the administrative law judge determines that an applicant was at one point disabled and is no longer disabled, rendering him eligible for a benefits payment to cover the period of eligibility.

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